Connecting you, for the success of NZ business


We cooperate with one another in our aim to help New Zealand businesses succeed and thrive in the global economy. Our collaborative support network ensures you avoid isolation and can always access a trusted peer. As a team, we believe in helping our community grow both economically and socially.
We are your eyes and ears helping you to find your next opportunity. Because we work alongside you, we understand you intimately so can be a strong advocate to best articulate your unique selling points to prospective clients.
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We invest in order to develop funds that support our community. You will have managed access to a central fund specifically set up to support our members when times are tough.
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Being an organisation of people like you, we can potentially negotiate a far better deal than you could on your own. You will have greater credibility in the market with access to wider resources.
We help connect the dots so you don't waste time. Why reinvent the wheel? Whether as a mentor or a sounding board, we encourage collaboration and collegiality by accessing the experience of other members. Your clients will love this added value.
On joining, you will have access to a host of services including productivity tools, invoicing and a virtual working environment.

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